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  1. Download the latest stable version of MariaDB. We strongly advice against XAMPP, see "Should I use XAMPP?".
  2. Install all dependencies, and follow their respective installation instructions.
  3. Run the phone.sql file in your database. Do not use phpMyAdmin as that will most likely cause issues. We recommend using HeidiSQL. If you get any errors, you most likely need to update MariaDB.


  • loaf_lib make sure to remove -main from the name
  • oxmysql
  • MariaDB
  • up-to-date server artifacts
  • OneSync infinity - required for a few features, such as AirShare. The phone will work without it, but some features will not work.

Start order

All resources used by lb-phone need to be started before lb-phone itself. This includes your framework, oxmysql, inventory etc. You do not need to start loaf_lib as it will be started by lb-phone.


Configuring API keys

You have two options for media upload, you can either use discord webhooks or imgur api. Read here for info on creating a discord webhook. Read here for info on creating an imgur api key. View here for info on creating a fivemanage api key, this is recommended.

Once you have your webhook or api key, you can set it in lb-phone/server/apiKeys.lua.

-- Webhook for instapic posts, recommended to be a public channel
-- Webhook for birdy posts, recommended to be a public channel

-- Discord webhook for server logs
LOGS = {
Calls = "",
Messages = "",
InstaPic = "",
Birdy = "",
YellowPages = "",
Marketplace = "",
Mail = "",
Wallet = "",
DarkChat = "",
Services = "",
Crypto = "",
Trendy = ""

-- Set your API keys for uploading media here.
-- Please note that the API key needs to match the correct upload method defined in Config.UploadMethod.
-- The default upload method is Fivemanage
-- You can get your API keys from
-- A video tutorial for how to set up Fivemanage can be found here:
Video = "YOUR_TOKEN",
Image = "YOUR_TOKEN",
Audio = "YOUR_TOKEN",

And make sure it matches your Config.UploadMethod

-- Set your api keys in lb-phone/server/apiKeys.lua
Config.UploadMethod = {}
-- You can edit the upload methods in lb-phone/shared/upload.lua
-- We recommend Fivemanage,
-- A video tutorial for how to set up Fivemanage can be found here:
Config.UploadMethod.Video = "Fivemanage" -- "Fivemanage" or "Discord" or "Imgur" or "Custom"
Config.UploadMethod.Image = "Fivemanage" -- "Fivemanage" or "Discord" or "Imgur" or "Custom
Config.UploadMethod.Audio = "Fivemanage" -- "Fivemanage" or "Discord" or "Custom"


The phone automatically detects the framework used by default. If, for some reason, this fails, you can set it manually by changing Config.Framework.

If you use a custom framework and want to utilize all features in the phone, set Config.CustomFramework to true. You can then navigate to lb-phone/client/frameworks/standalone.lua & lb-phone/server/frameworks/standalone.lua and edit the functions to utilize your framework functions.


Known issues

Some anticheats might block the phone from working properly. If you are using an anticheat, try disabling it and see if the phone works. If it does, you can contact the anticheat developer for further help.

If you encounter any issues with the installation process, open a ticket on our discord. If you encounter any bugs, report them in the bug reports channel on our discord